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Vectren Energy Delivery of Indiana - North School/Government

Account Managers for VEDIN:

Tom Bailey
Director, Sales
    Jamoni Harper
Regional Manager, North
Tel:   (317) 719-3660

Denny Poff
(812) 948-4915 |
Jerry Breeck
(317) 776-5526 |
Karen Lyles
(317) 718-3629 |
Gerry Jones
(317) 718-3604 |
David Sherry
(317) 776-5585 |
Nathan Kunkler
(812) 948-4969 |
Randy Crutchfield
(317) 776-5560 |

Policies and Procedures - School/Government Program

Registration for Potential School/Government Suppliers

Rate 285 School/Government Pooling Service

DDQ Compliance

     Intraday Nominations

Account Drop

Marketer Extranet User Guide


Policies and Procedures for School/Government Transportation Program - North

  • Program Overview
  • This Rate is available for any Educational Institution and Government Entity whose annual usage is less than 50,000 therms. For further details see Rate 225 School/Government Transportation Service.
  • A School/Government Transportation Service Customer must become a member of a Pool as described in the provisions of Rate 285 School/Government Pooling Service where a School/Government Supplier will be responsible for managing the Pool's gas supply.
  • The School/Government Transporter will select a School/Government Supplier from a list of approved School/Government Suppliers. For a list of approved School/Government Suppliers, please click here.

Registration for Potential School/Government Suppliers
All new School/Government Pool Operators must be approved. To start the approval process, please submit a completed School/Government Pooling Agreement, a Registration Form & Credit Application and the company’s most recent financial information as described on page 4 of the Registration Form & Credit Application.

For further details, please see the Program Overview.

Rate 285 School/Government Pooling Service
School/Government Pooling Service is a service applicable to any Gas Supplier and any Educational Institution or Government Entity under Rate 225 that designates a Pool Operator to manage its gas supply as part of an aggregated School/Government Pool.

DDQ Compliance
School/Government Supplier will need to deliver the daily demand quantity as prescribed daily by Vectren on its Marketer Extranet.

By 10:00 a.m. (CST) Company will post on its Marketer Extranet, School/Government Suppliers DDQ by Pool for the gas day beginning 9:00 CST the following day and will be posted Friday morning for Saturday, Sunday and Monday. See Rate 285 School/Government Pooling Service for related DDQ non-compliance penalties.

Appendix J of the tariff describes Nomination and Balancing for School/Government Pools.

Nominations must be entered by 11:30 AM CST on the Vectren Extranet prior to gas day. Nominations for Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays must be entered on the preceding Friday at or before 11:30 CST.

A percentage of gas quantities received by Company shall be retained by Company to compensate for unaccounted for gas as described in Appendix F of the tariff.

Intraday Nominations
When submitting an intraday nomination, change the status from timely to other.

Account Drop
Marketers must notify of any customer drops at least 10 business days prior to the end of the month.

Marketer Extranet User Guide
For the Marketer Extranet User Guide, please click here.

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