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In Indiana:
Vectren Energy Delivery of Indiana customers seeking home weatherization assistance should contact their local Community Action Program (CAP). CAP agencies administer these free programs, which assist customers on a case-by-case basis. To determine the CAP agency in your area, call 1-800-872-0371.

Visit the Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority (IHCDA) website for additional information on energy assistance and weatherization programs.

In Ohio:
Vectren's Project TEEM
Vectren and the Community Action Partnership of the Greater Dayton Area (CAP) are teaming up to help hundreds of customers weatherize their homes for FREE!

Vectren's Project TEEM (Teaching Energy Efficiency Measures) helps qualifying Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio (Vectren) customers implement energy efficiency improvements to their homes at NO COST to the customers. The improvements, such as upgrading insulation or installing a new natural gas furnace, are made by a team of energy efficiency professionals from CAP. The result of a Project TEEM energy overhaul is a home that's more comfortable, safe and energy efficient, which should lead to lower energy consumption and lower energy bills.

To qualify for Project TEEM, you must:

The weatherization process is easy:
  1. Call 1-800-617-2673 to see if you qualify.
  2. If you're eligible, we'll work with you to schedule an in-home energy audit.*
  3. The Project TEEM crew will come to your house, perform an energy audit and look for things that can be improved to make your home more energy efficient.
  4. The Project TEEM professionals will then implement the necessary energy-efficiency improvements to your home at no cost.
* Note: The timeline for the in-home energy audit and home improvements will vary by home. It may take several weeks or even months to initiate and complete this process given the limited number of crews and potential backlog of qualifying applicants. Please be patient through this process.

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