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Conservation Connection

The Small Business Energy Solutions program provides value by installing energy-saving products such as high-efficiency lighting and low-flow water-saving devices, at no cost to you. The program also helps businesses identify and install cost effective energy-saving measures by providing an on-site energy assessment customized for their business. For more information, email or call 1-866-240-8476 to learn more.

Learn more:      Learn more: Download fact sheet (PDF)

The Small Business Energy Solutions program is available to small business customers with Vectren electric service.

Who is eligible?

SBES is available to most Evansville-area small businesses with a monthly electric demand of 150 kilowatts (kW) or less, including grocery, convenience, retail, office, auto service shops, and dry cleaners with Vectren general electric service in Indiana. See program application for details and full requirements.

An overview of the process

  1. Energy advisor provides a no cost energy assessment. This report includes potential cost savings and available instant discounts, allowing you to make informed and cost-effective decisions for your business.

  2. Select a SBES trade ally to install your selected improvements. A list of SBES trade allies is provided to you during your energy assessment.

  3. Receive Vectren instant discounts from your SBES trade ally. No waiting for a rebate check or additional forms to complete, you only pay the balance of what you owe after the discounts.

  4. Start saving money and energy. It's that simple!

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Get started
To see if your business is eligible for SBES and to sign up for a no cost energy assessment, talk to an SBES trade ally or contact us directly at or 1-866-240-8476 for an application.

If you are experiencing problems or need further assistance, you can report a problem or you can call a Conservation Connection Specialist at 1-866-240-8476.

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