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Outdoor Living

Outdoor living natural gas appliances can easily and affordably integrate natural surroundings into your everyday life. You can even transform your patio, porch or deck into an outdoor room with the comfort and convenience of natural gas. Consider the following options:

Natural gas grill or barbeque:
provides convenience and flexibility when compared to charcoal and propane units through an endless supply of natural gas with no tanks to refill. And you'll enjoy no warm-up time on your gas grill - takes as few as 6 minutes to reach 600° F.

Natural gas firepit or patio heater:
offers a convenient and simple alternative to building a campfire with no wood to store or replenish. Gas firepits and patio heaters are safe for use on wood decks with no burning embers, smoke or campfire smell.

Natural gas pool or spa heater:
provides comfort and warmth to your outdoor spa or pool year-round by heating twice as fast as electric models. Choose from gas-fire storage, instantaneous, circulating or immersion systems.

Natural gas outdoor lighting:
adds charm and value to your home through modern or traditional lighting. Gas lighting won't create harsh shadows like flood lighting and won't attract insects. Plus, gas lighting requires little maintenance and remains lit through electric power outages.