What state is your account in?
What state is your account in?

Vectren Energy Delivery of Indiana - Ohio

Account Managers for VEDO:

Tom Bailey
Director, Sales

Brian Volpatti
(937) 312-2560 | bjvolpatti@Vectren.com

Policies and Procedures - Large Gas Transportation Program

New Transportation Customers

Customer User Guide

Agency Agreement

Active Marketer List


Policies and Procedures for Vectren Energy Delivery - VEDO

New Transportation Customers

  • Transportation Customer will need to contact appropriate Account Manager.
  • A Service Agreement must be signed by Vectren Energy Delivery and the customer at least 30 days prior to gas flow.
  • A designated phone line must be installed next to the gas meter at least 15 days prior to gas flow.
  • Transportation Customer must obtain an Agent to supply gas and must have a signed Agency Agreement by 10 business days prior to gas flow.

Customer User Guide
For a step-by-step guide that shows how to register your account or utilize the many options and benefits that Vectren offers, click here.

Agency Agreement
Agency Agreements can be obtained from your Vectren Account Manager and must be signed by you and your Agent and returned at least 10 business days prior to the end of the month.

Active Marketer List
In order to see the Active Marketers in your territory, please click here.

Mar '17 - 1.073
Feb '17 - 1.072
Jan '17 - 1.072
Dec '16 - 1.072
Nov '16 - 1.072
Oct '16 - 1.071
Sep '16 - 1.072
Aug '16 - 1.071
Jul '16 - 1.072
Jun '16 - 1.070
May '16 - 1.068
Apr '16 - 1.068