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Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio - SCO

Vectren Contact for Gas Suppliers:

Teresa Lewis
Manager, Gas Transportation Programs

All Ohio residential and small business customers who have not selected an alternate gas supplier through Vectren's natural gas Choice program receive their natural gas supply at the Standard Choice Offer (SCO) price. Certified Natural Gas Suppliers win the right to provide gas supply to Vectren customers at the SCO price, which is determined in a competitive auction and approved by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.

Policies and Procedures - Standard Choice Offer (SCO) Program

Registration for Potential SCO Supplier

Rate 396 SCO Supplier Service


Intraday Nominations

City Gate Allocations

DDQ Compliance

Meter Read & Bill Schedule

Marketer Extranet User Guide


Standard Annual BTU

Auction Materials

Alternate Peaking Supply Allocation

Policies and Procedures for Standard Choice Offer (SCO) Program - VEDO

  • Program Overview
  • Non-residential customer with annual usage less than 50,000 Ccf.
  • Pooling Service described in Rate 396 of tariff
  • SCO Suppliers are subject to the nomination and balancing provisions in Sheet 56 of tariff.

Registration for Potential SCO Supplier
All Suppliers interested in VEDO's SCO Program must participate in the annual SCO Auction. Please see "Auction Materials" for more information on how to become an approved SCO Supplier.

Suppliers are responsible for sending and receiving VEDO files from an FTP site, encrypting/decrypting using PGP and providing an internal system (or use 3rd party vendor) to manage data. Once SCO Auction results are approved, the winning SCO Auction bidders must complete EDI testing no later than the date indicated on the VEDO SCO Auction timeline. For EDI File Standards, please click here.

For more information about Vectren's SCO Program, see the Program Overview.

Rate 396 SCO Supplier Service
This Service is applicable to any SCO Supplier delivering firm gas supplies to Company's Operational Systems for Customers receiving SCO or DSS Service under Rates 310, 311, 320, 321, and 341.

Nominations must be entered by 11:00 AM CST on the Vectren Marketer Extranet prior to gas day. Nominations for Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays must be entered on the preceding Friday at or before 11:00 CST. A percentage of gas quantities received by Company shall be retained by Company to compensate for unaccounted for gas as described in Sheet 54 of the tariff.

Intraday Nominations
When submitting an intraday nomination, change the status from timely to the appropriate intraday cycle.

City Gate Allocations
Deliveries will need to be scheduled within the established percentages based on heating degree days and posted on the daily DDQ's. New city gate allocations are posted each year, typically in late September, for the upcoming 12 months of November - October. For SCO city gate allocations, click here.

DDQ Compliance
SCO Suppliers will need to deliver the daily demand quantity as prescribed daily by Vectren on its Marketer Extranet.

By 10:00 a.m. (CST) Company will post on its Marketer Extranet, SCO DDQ by Pool for the gas day beginning 9:00 CST the following day. See Rate 396 (SCO Supplier Service) for related DDQ non-compliance penalties. Sheet 52 of the tariff describes Nomination and Balancing for SCO Pools.

Meter Read & Bill Schedules
For VEDO 2016 Meter Read & Bill Schedule, click here.
For VEDO 2017 Meter Read & Bill Schedule, click here.

Marketer Extranet User Guide
For the Marketer Extranet User Guide, please click here.

Mar '17 - 1.073
Feb '17 - 1.072
Jan '17 - 1.072
Dec '16 - 1.072
Nov '16 - 1.072
Oct '16 - 1.071
Sep '16 - 1.072
Aug '16 - 1.071
Jul '16 - 1.072
Jun '16 - 1.070
May '16 - 1.068
Apr '16 - 1.068

Standard Annual BTU (April 2016 - March 2017)

Auction Materials
Suppliers interested in participating in VEDO's SCO Supplier Service must become a winning bidder in VEDO's SCO Auction. Please refer to the Auction Timeline below to find the established deadlines for all required document which are also listed below.