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Revert To Owner (RTO) Program

A Revert to Owner (RTO) Program agreement may be set up between landlords and their residential rental property to automatically transfer service into the property owner's name. The RTO agreement specifies the conditions by which service is transferred back to the landlord.

Getting Started

Please complete the RTO Program Application (PDF) in its entirety and submit the completed document electronically (via the 'Submit' button at the button of the application') or via fax , mail or email using the contact information provided on the application. You will receive correspondence from Vectren following the processing of your application.

Important Information
An RTO agreement is subject to credit approval. The landlord is subject to all Vectren requirements applicable to the service provided, including but not limited to timely payment, security deposits and disconnection of service.

Please note the submission and receipt of the RTO application does not guarantee a previously scheduled disconnection of service will be cancelled. If you need to connect or transfer service, please call Vectren at 1-800-227-1376.

Common Questions

How do I update a RTO agreement?
You may revise your existing RTO agreement at any time by completing and submitting the RTO Program Update Request Form (PDF). Completing a new RTO Program Application is not necessary if you are adding or removing properties to/from your existing RTO agreement.

How do I cancel a RTO agreement?
You must submit written notification for removal of any and/or all rental units. If you fail to provide written notice of the removal of any and/or all rental units from your agreement, you will retain responsibility for service for such units under this agreement.

Where is the Landlord Reversion Agreement?
The Landlord Reversion Agreement name and application have been replaced with the RTO Program Application. The updated form can be used for any property within Vectren’s service territory. Please be advised this new form does not void or change any prior agreements on file. If you have an existing agreement on file with Vectren's property management group, no additional action is required.