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Air Quality

Air Quality
Vectren has invested millions of dollars to improve air quality issues at its power plants. New technologies have allowed us to dramatically reduce emissions at existing facilities and continue to utilize Indiana's most abundant natural resource, coal.

Power Supply Overview
Historic Emissions

Vectren's Electric Generation System
Vectren Power Supply generates electricity with both coal-fired units and natural gas-fired or oil-fired turbines. Our generation facilities include: F. B. Culley Generating Station; A. B. Brown Generating Station; Warrick Unit 4 whose operation and ownership is shared with Alcoa; Northeast Gas Turbines, Broadway Avenue Generating Station Gas Turbines and two A. B. Brown Gas Turbines. Jointly, Vectren's electric generation fleet has the capacity to generate 1,295 megawatts to serve 141,000 customers in a seven-county area including Dubois, Posey, Gibson, Vanderburgh, Warrick, Spencer and Pike.

Historic Air Emission Reductions

National Progress

Since the passage of the Clean Air Act in 1970, emissions of air pollutants from the coal burning electric power industry have decreased significantly.

SO2 (sulfur dioxide) emissions are down 50% since 1970.

NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions are down 70% since 1970.

PM (particulate matter) emissions are down 30% since 1986.*

* EPA began nationwide monitoring of particulate emissions in 1986.

Vectren's Progress
By contrast, air emissions from Vectren's system have decreased even more dramatically in the same time period. Through the investment of millions of dollars in emissions control equipment, Vectren's power system is one of the best controlled in the Midwest.

SO2 emissions are down over 90% since 1970. All units in the Vectren system are equipped with scrubbers for SO2 control.

NOx emissions are down 80% since 1970. All units in the Vectren system are controlled for NOx, with four of the five units having selective catalytic reduction technology for advanced NOx control.

All units in Vectren's system have advanced controls for particulate matter, with two units having state-of-the-art fabric filters that remove 99% of soot and dust.

State-of-the-art fabric filters look like giant vacuum bags while trapping 99% of soot and dust.