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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy
Vectren's sustainability and natural resource conservation efforts include:

Wind Farm
In June 2010, the second phase of the Fowler Ridge wind farm in Benton County, Ind., from which Vectren purchases 50 megawatts (MW) of power, became operational. This 20-year power purchase agreement is the second wind energy contract for Vectren. The new addition provides enough energy to power about 15,000 homes annually and when combined with the 30 MW of wind power Vectren was already receiving from Benton County Wind Farm, brings Vectren's total wind power portfolio to 80 MW.

Blackfoot Clean Energy Facility
Vectren Energy Delivery opened its first 100%-owned green power plant in July 2009.

The Blackfoot Clean Energy Facility, a project at Veolia Environmental Services Solid Waste's Winslow, Ind., landfill generates electricity by capturing gas emitted from decomposing trash and using it as a fuel source to power two generators. The renewable energy project, which was developed by Energy Systems Group, generates 3.2 megawatts (MW), or enough energy to power approximately 2,000 homes.

Renewable Energy Credit (REC)
For every megawatt hour (MWh) of renewable power produced, Vectren receives a Renewable Energy Credit (REC). Since mid-2008, Vectren has marketed these RECs to other parties including REC brokers and other utilities. The revenue received from the sale of RECs is credited to our retail electric customers to reduce their total bills.

For more information about the portion of Vectren’s generation portfolio that is delivered to electric customers, click here.

Blackfoot Clean Energy Facility Winslow, Ind.