What state is your account in?
What state is your account in?

The New Vectren.com

Over the past year, we have been benchmarking other web sites to ensure Vectren.com maintains, and in many cases, enhances the convenient self-service functionality you've come to expect. The updated Vectren.com you see today is a direct result of this process.

  • We've reduced text and inserted more icons to adapt to users who are accessing our site via touchscreens.
  • We've improved navigation to make finding key information more intuitive.
  • We've added tools such as live online chat and enhanced outage communications to improve the customer experience.
Please click around, review pages and offer feedback as you see fit. The Manage My Account pages essentially have remained in tact, so functionality like paying a bill or enrolling in an alternate billing option have not changed.

If you need some help finding a particular item, try our Live Chat option to get you pointed in the right direction. We hope you enjoy the new site!