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Employee Profiles

Stan J., Engineering

Vectren colleague since 2008
College/Degree: University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign, Bachelor's of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Job Title/Department: Transmission & Substation Engineer III, Integrity Management

Job Responsibilities: Stan serves as one of Vectren's liaisons with the Midwest Independent System Operator (MISO), of which Vectren is a member. MISO is a regional electric grid management organization that ensures the safe, cost-effective delivery of electric power across all or parts of 13 U.S. states. Stan supports design and systems planning for Vectren's electric substations and gas transmission line projects in addition to securing right-of-way access and easements.

Brad A., Supervisor, Operations G&E

Vectren colleague since 2006
College/Degree: College/Degree: University of Southern Indiana, Bachelor's of Science in Engineering

Job Title/Department: SCADA Engineer, Electrical Engineering

Job Responsibilities: Brad is responsible for specifying and procuring equipment for SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) installations on Vectren's electric infrastructure, which has more than 120 substations and 5,200 miles of power lines. SCADA technology enables remote control and monitoring of equipment in electric substations, which allows Vectren to better control reliability and assess and respond to power outages. Brad is also responsible for maintaining SCADA documentation which includes drawings, manuals and software licenses.

Nathan E., Information Technology

Vectren colleague since 2007
College/Degree: University of Southern Indiana, Bachelor's of Science in eBusiness

Job Title/Department: Application Analyst III, Information Technology (eBusiness)

Job Responsibilities: Nathan is responsible for design, development and support of Vectren's key eBusiness applications and systems. This includes Vectren.com, which provides self-service functionality for the company's 1 million customers and many internal systems that help support the customer contact center as well as field operations.

Rina H., Manager, Gas Conservation, Evaluation and Planning

Vectren colleague since 2008
College/Degree: Indiana University, Indianapolis, Master of Science in Public Affairs
Indiana University, Bloomington, Bachelor's of Science in Public Affairs

Job Title/Department: Manager, Gas Conservation, Evaluation and Planning

Job Responsibilities: Rina is responsible for the development, implementation, management, and reporting of all aspects of natural gas energy efficiency and conservation programs as well as support and involvement in electric DSM and conservation efforts specific to Evaluation and Planning. This includes development of program designs, implementation plans, and marketing plans as well as ensuring all deliverables, budgets and staffing are successfully managed and reported to internal stakeholders, external parties and regulatory parties when necessary. She is also responsible for delivering objective, actionable market research and evaluations of Vectren gas and electric DSM, energy efficiency and conservation efforts, as well as supporting all gas and electric DSM planning efforts.

Travis B., Accounting

Vectren colleague since 2009
College/Degree: Ball State University, Bachelor's of Science in Accounting

Job Title/Department: Senior Accounting Analyst, Regulatory Accounting

Job Responsibilities: Travis, a certified public accountant, is responsible for assisting with the month-end closing of financial statements for Vectren's utility and nonutility operations. He also prepares financial and statistical reports for Vectren's Board of Directors as well as regulators such as the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). FERC is an independent agency that regulates the interstate transmission of electricity, natural gas, and oil.