What state is your account in?
What state is your account in?


Executive Officers

Carl L. Chapman
Chairman, President and
Chief Executive Officer

Ronald E. Christian
Executive Vice President,
Chief Legal and External Affairs Officer
and Corporate Secretary

M. Susan Hardwick
Executive Vice President
and Chief Financial Officer

Robert E. Heidorn
Senior Vice President, General Counsel and
Chief Compliance Officer and Assistant Secretary

Jon Luttrell
Senior Vice President,
Utility Operations and President, VUHI

Rick Schach
Eric J. Schach
Executive Vice President
and Chief Operating Officer

Corporate Officers

Patrick Edwards
Vice President, Corporate Audit

Karen Hamilton
Vice President, Performance Management
and Strategic Sourcing

Naveed Mughal
Treasurer and Vice President
Investor Relations

Douglas Petitt
Vice President, Information Technology
and Chief Information Officer

Ellis Redd
Vice President, Human Resources

Angila Retherford
Vice President, Environmental Affairs and
Corporate Sustainability

Michael Roeder
Vice President, Government Affairs and
President, Vectren Energy Delivery North

Misty Seaton
Vice President and Controller

Jeffrey W. Whiteside
Vice President, Community Sustainability
President, Vectren Foundation

Elizabeth I. Witte
Vice President, Planning and
Corporate Development

Other Officers

Scott Albertson
Scott Albertson
Vice President, VUHI - Regulatory Affairs and
Gas Supply

Douglas S. Banning
President, Vectren Infrastructure Services

Daniel C. Bugher
Vice President, VUHI - Customer Experience

Greg Collins
President, Vectren Energy Services

Brad Ellsworth
President, Vectren Energy Delivery of Indiana - South

Jim Francis
Vice President, VUHI - Safety & System Integrity

Wayne Games
Vice President, VUHI - Power Supply

Chase Kelley
Vice President, VUHI - Marketing and Communications

Colleen Ryan
President, Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio

Robbie Sears
Robert C. Sears
Vice President, VUHI - Customer
Customer Energy Solutions

Jason Stephenson
Vice President and General Counsel, VUHI

Lynnae Wilson
Lynnae Wilson
Vice President, VUHI
Energy Delivery