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'Generation' refers to the system by which the electricity we use every day is created using coal, natural gas or renewable resources.
Vectren's power plants in Posey County, Ind., and Warrick County, Ind., provide safe, reliable power to 142,000 customers in southwestern Indiana. Over the past decade, these local plants have become among the cleanest coal-fired generation units in the Midwest thanks to $500 million in emissions control equipment.

A.B. Brown, Posey County
Established 1979
Local jobs: 115
Generation capacity: 650 megawatts from 2 coal-fired units, 2 natural gas-fired units
Taxes: Provides $1.3 million annually to Posey County

F.B. Culley, Warrick County
Established 1966
Local jobs: 100
Generation capacity: 510 megawatts* from 3 coal-fired units
Taxes: Provides $1.4 million annually to Warrick County

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Wind Power, Benton County, Ind.
Generation capacity: 80 megawatts wind power

Blackfoot Clean Energy Facility, Winslow, Ind.
Generation capacity: 3.2 megawatts landfill gas to electricity project

*Includes Warrick Unit 4, a 300-megawatt coal-fired unit, jointly owned with Alcoa