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'Transmission' refers to the portion of the grid in which electricity is moved from power plants to interconnected systems over high-voltage lines. The electricity is then converted to lower voltage units at substations so it can be distributed to homes and businesses.
A strong, dependable transmission system is important for supporting economic and regional growth as well as ensuring power is transferred from the power plant to the substations where it is then sent through distribution lines and delivered to homes and businesses.

Vectren's transmission system includes 69 kilovolt (kV), 138kV and 345kV transmission lines.

Recent and Upcoming Large Projects

69kV System
  • Mt. Vernon area - Rebuilding a line to increase capacity to serve growing areas of Mt. Vernon; Project includes new structures and upgraded conductors for transmission and associated distribution
  • Evansville West - Rebuilding a section of line near Central High School to improve reliability; Project includes upgraded conductors
  • North West Posey County - Rebuilding and increasing capacity of a line serving Mt. Vernon and New Harmony; Project includes new structures and upgraded conductors; Fiber optics, which support smart technology, will also be added to line to help pinpoint and isolate trouble areas.
138kV System
The current system connects Vectren's many substations to the grid and interconnects Vectren with other portions of the grid. This system ensures reliability by allowing power to be transported from neighboring areas to allow generation units to be taken off line for maintenance.

345kV System
The current system connects Vectren's A.B. Brown power plant in Posey County, Ind., to Duke Energy in Gibson County, Ind., and Big River's Electric's Reid Station in Webster County, Ky. This extra high voltage system is the part of the "interstate highway" of the electric grid and ensures reliability and increased capacity.

Many substations throughout Vectren's service area are scheduled to undergo improvements in order to increase capacity and reliability. Some of these areas include: Vanderburgh County, Downtown Evansville, Newtonville/Grandview, Mt. Vernon and Dubois County.