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Agricultural Implements

Using Agricultural Equipment around Electric Facilities
Vectren considers agricultural implements to be most any piece of movable farming equipment that may be higher than or extend more than 12 feet above the ground.

This typically includes:

  • Large tractors
  • Wagons
  • Augers
  • Sprayers
  • Any vehicles with antennae taller than 12 feet
  • Combines
  • Irrigation systems that may project water more than 12 feet above the ground
  • Any other implements that may reach power lines

Grain bins, pole barns and any permanent structures are specifically not considered to be implements. However, these structures should never be permanently installed in Vectren right-of-way (ROW) without a ROW encroachment agreement.

If you are considering installing anything permanent in or around the ROW, please contact Vectren at 1-800-217-1376 prior to the installation and a Vectren representative will mark the area that must be avoided.

Vectren works with local farmers and has ROW and encroachment agreements through many fields. Many times these lines are for the grain bins and driers for the farmers. Vectren understands that implements may need to cross the power lines. Also, the ROW for an electric power line may cross a tillable working field that was there prior to the line. Vectren makes reasonable attempts to limit interference to the farmer's production or acreage.

However, Vectren never reduces working clearances or by-passes safety precautions. Electrocution and shock hazards exist, and Vectren needs active measures and help from farmers to minimize the risks.

To help reduce the risk of electrocution or shock:
  • Always know where you and your implements are in relation to power lines and avoid the area when possible.
  • If you must operate near the power lines, cross them at 90-degree angles or cross them only at established crossing spots or field entrances.
  • When possible, have someone else help watch and guide your movement when working near power lines.
  • DO NOT store implements near the power lines. Augers can even fall or be blown into the line on a windy day.
If you must have implements near power lines:
  • Ground any wheeled implement that needs to be parked near the power lines.
  • Both permanent and portable irrigation systems should have bonding jumpers across all flanges or sections of pipe.
  • Disconnected sections of pipe should be grounded to avoid shock from any stray currents.
Contact your implement manufacturer, contact us online or at 1-800-227-1376 for the correct method of grounding any implements.