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Electric Appliance Safety

Common electric appliances include washing machines, refrigerators, hand tools, irons, hair dryers, televisions, microwaves. While these appliances are very dependable and normally require little maintenance, it is important to keep these safety tips in mind:

  • Keep all electric appliances away from water, especially hair dryers and radios.
  • Read and follow all safety instructions on electric appliances, toys, tools and equipment.
  • Never use electrically operated power tools in the rain or wet conditions.
  • Never operate an electric appliance whose cord is frayed or cut. Have a professional electrician or repair person replace the cord, or get a new appliance.
Space Heater Safety
To help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and fires from the use of space heaters, adhere to the following tips:
  • Install and use appliances according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Never use unvented gas or kerosene heaters in closed spaces, especially sleeping areas.
  • Leave a window cracked about an inch for ventilation and fresh air. Ventilation is important to keep fuel-burning space heaters from consuming too much oxygen in the house.
  • DO NOT leave a space heater on when you are not in the room or when you go to sleep.
  • Electric space heaters should be checked for signs of fraying or splitting wires or overheating. Likewise, electric space heaters frequently cause fires by overloading electrical outlets.
  • Keep space heaters away from combustible materials/products.