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Excess Flow Valve

An excess flow valve (EFV) is a safety device installed on a natural gas service line that automatically shuts off the flow of gas in the event that the service line is severed. A service line is the gas line that runs from the gas main located at the front or rear of the home to the customer's meter. Federal regulations (The Code of Federal Regulations 49 CFR 192.383) require operators to install EFVs in all new and renewed gas service lines, regardless of customer classifications (including single family residences, multifamily residences, and small commercial entities) for customers consuming gas volumes under 1,000 standard cubic feet per hour. During normal operation, the valve remains open allowing for the continual flow of gas to the home or business. If this line is severely damaged (due to some type of digging activity, for example), the EFV will automatically restrict the flow of gas and reduce the probability of property damage or injury. Customers should be aware an EFV will only perform as described when a major leak occurs outside of their home. The valve will not prevent small leaks that may happen on the service line. The valve will also not detect or prevent leaks that occur inside a customer's home.

Customers have the right to request the installation of an EFV on their service line. It is the customer's responsibility to pay for this installation. Costs will vary based on the location of the service line; Vectren estimates costs will average between $1,500 and $2,000 per installation. Upon request by a customer, Vectren will investigate and determine the cost of the installation, which the customer will be required to pay prior to work being done. This cost does not include any charges that may be incurred later if the EFV requires further maintenance or replacement. This further cost, which cannot be estimated precisely at this time, is covered by VECTREN.

Due to certain EFV design limitations, an EFV cannot be installed in every condition. For instance, an EFV may not be applicable for customers with a load greater than 1,000 cubic feet per hour or where the EFV would interfere with necessary operation. If you have questions or want to request that your service be evaluated for an EFV, you may call Vectren's New Service Department at 1-800-990-1930.