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What To Expect

Before & During Pipeline Work

The work on individual mains usually takes one to two weeks, and service work usually takes an additional one to two weeks, though some may be performed concurrently on a project. However, the gas to your home will only have to be turned off for a short period of time (usually less than four hours).

After Pipeline Work Is Completed

After your service line has been replaced or upgraded and you are connected to the new line, a Vectren representative will relight your applicable natural gas appliances. Weather permitting, restoration will begin as soon as feasible after completing work in a given location. Affected lawn areas, sidewalks and pavement will be restored to original condition as best as possible.
  • Lawn areas will include leveling the ground and sowing grass seed.

  • Where sidewalk is affected, the area will be secured until final repair is made.

  • Where pavement is affected, a temporary fill will be placed in the hole or a steel plate will be placed over the hole for safety purposes until final pavement is placed.
NOTE: After we have restored your property, we need your help in watering this area every few days, so your grass will grow properly. It usually takes several weeks for the grass to fill in the affected area.