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Land Management

Right-of-way is a strip of land where some of the property owner’s legal rights have been granted to a utility company. A right-of-way agreement between a company and a property owner is also called an easement and is usually filed in public records with property deeds. The right-of-way enables a utility company to operate, inspect, repair, maintain or replace a pipeline on property owned by others.

Rights-of-way must always be kept free of structures and other physical obstructions, including trees. Anything that is placed into a right-of-way contrary to the terms of the easement is called an encroachment. Vectren allows the property owner to use the easement area within certain guidelines which generally allow the property owner to continue with any agricultural, recreational or other activities that pose no problem or threat to the long-term integrity of the pipeline. Click here for a list of encroachment activities that are not acceptable.