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What state is your account in?

Report Energy Theft

Energy theft, or diversion, is illegal, extremely dangerous and impacts all Vectren customers. Vectren takes energy theft seriously and is working to reduce it, prevent safety hazards and minimize increased costs. If you observe suspicious activities around natural gas and/or electrical equipment or notice any evidence of meter tampering, please report that information to Vectren. You may anonymously report it through the following:

Energy theft is illegal
Just like shoplifting, diversion of natural gas (and electricity) is stealing, and it is against the law. Individuals caught diverting energy, or tampering with gas or electric meters, will be subject to immediate disconnection of service and collection proceedings and, in certain situations, criminal prosecution that could result in a fine, imprisonment or both.

Energy theft is extremely dangerous
Electric equipment and natural gas facilities are designed with safety features/devices to protect the public. Individuals who attempt to divert energy, tamper with or bypass the meter, create dangerous - even deadly - situations. When they attempt to divert energy, they can damage pipes and valves or electric wiring and circuits. These situations may result in natural gas leaks or faulty wiring, which put the individuals, their family members and neighbors at risk of serious injury or death from fire, explosion or electrocution not only at the time of the theft but for as long as the tampering persists, because tampering creates safety hazards for all.

Energy theft impacts all customers
Individuals who steal energy are not just stealing from the utility; they are, in effect, stealing from all customers who pay their bills. Similar to shoplifting, again, those individuals who steal energy increase the costs to do business/provide service. And all customers are financially impacted by this illegal activity.

Commitment to customers to reduce energy theft
Vectren takes energy theft seriously and is committed to protecting our customers from the impacts of energy theft - both from a safety perspective and from a cost perspective. Vectren's revenue protection department investigates potential energy theft by analyzing meter consumption data and inactive account data. In addition, Vectren's field employees are trained to detect signs of meter tampering and energy theft as well as investigate alleged diversions. If you notice a situation where you suspect energy theft or meter tampering, you can help by reporting the suspicious activity or evidence of meter tampering to Vectren.

You can help to reduce energy theft
Customer tips often alert Vectren to potential energy thefts. If you observe the following, it could be an indication of meter tampering and/or energy theft:
  • Flexible tubing, even a garden hose, which looks like it doesn't run into the meter.
  • Loose wiring that looks like it doesn't run into the meter.
  • A suspicious-looking person working on a meter or digging near underground pipelines or power lines.
  • Someone mentioning their low energy bills because of by-passing the meter.
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