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Natural Gas Appliances

About 90% of the natural gas produced is delivered to your home as useful energy, which makes it remarkably efficient when compared to electric power. And once that energy enters your home, it is used just as effectively in a variety of ways. Whether you are taking a shower, doing laundry or barbecuing outdoors, natural gas simply performs better.

Home Heating

From high-efficiency furnaces to relaxing fireplaces, natural gas allows you to enjoy a level of comfort you will be sure to notice each time you walk through the door.

Water Heating

Since natural gas is piped directly into your home, it's always there when you need it; so when it's time to wash the dishes or take a quick shower, you can count on natural gas water heaters to deliver hot water roughly twice as fast as electric models.

Cooking & Clothes Drying

Natural gas is the undisputed fuel of choice for professional chefs around the world, and for good reason. With a variety of flexible appliance options including natural gas cooktops, ranges, stoves and grills, finding the perfect fit for your kitchen or patio has never been easier.

Outdoor Living

Natural gas appliances can easily and affordably integrate natural surroundings into your everyday life. You can even transform your patio, porch or deck into an outdoor room with the comfort and convenience of natural gas.