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Cooking & Clothes Drying

Clothes Drying with Natural Gas
Natural gas clothes dryers cost about half as much to operate as a comparable electric dryer and produce less static cling. Today's models include moisture sensors for the best results on fabrics.

Cooking with Natural Gas
Because of its precision, cooking with natural gas is preferred by restaurant chefs across the country. Even better, it costs about half as much to cook with a gas range compared with a similar electric range. There's a vast range of options for your kitchen or patio.

  • Natural gas cooktop:
    is easily installed against walls or into a free-standing island. A separate wall oven is typically located in another area of the kitchen. Cook tops usually match the depth of most cabinetry for easy installation.

  • Natural gas free-standing gas range:
    combines the cook top and oven into one affordable appliance. You can choose a stand-alone or built-in look without remodeling.

  • Natural gas stove:
    is available in wall or under-counter models for baking, roasting, broiling and grilling. And they're easy to access, without stooping over conventional range ovens. You can even order a double oven stacked top to bottom or side by side. This comes in really handy if you have a larger family or entertain frequently.

  • Natural gas outdoor grill:
    offers precise temperature control with no tank to refill, unlike propane.