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Water Heating

Heating water with natural gas costs roughly half as much as an electric model. Plus, natural gas units recover up to 40% faster than electric models and ensures a hot water supply even if the electricity is out. While there are literally hundreds of models available, water heaters come in two basic styles:

Storage or tank-style:
is the most common type of water heater currently in the U.S. Tank water heaters store hot water on a standby basis, heating and reheating the same water so it will be ready for you. The tank size typically ranges from 40 gallons to 100 gallons depending on the hot water demand.

Tankless style:
are becoming more widespread in the U.S. because they provide endless hot water, take up less space and save energy. Unlike tank-style water heaters that heat water in a storage tank, tankless water heaters heat water only when you need it. Tankless water heaters cost more than a tank model to purchase and install. However, the energy saved typically results in paybacks of a few years or less for a family of four. Tankless hot water heaters also last twice as long as a tank model, up to 20 years, and they take up less space in your home.