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Natural Gas Vehicles

Benefits of Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV)
With reserves of domestic natural gas soaring and our dependence on foreign oil as burdensome as ever, it only makes sense to continue using natural gas as a vehicle fuel. Natural gas:
  • is less expensive than gasoline, nearly half the cost.
  • burns cleaner than gasoline thereby producing less emissions.
  • is an abundant, domestic product.
Honda currently manufacturers a Civic NGV model. Click here to see if there is an authorized dealer in your area.

Businesses and fleet operators interested in NGVs should click here.

Rebates/Tax Incentives
There are currently no state or federal incentives for vehicle conversion or the purchase of new NGVs. Please check back for updates.

Converting Your Vehicle
Conversion costs range from $4,000-$14,000 and include the retrofit system, fuel tanks and related tubing/brackets and the installation.

Visit the Natural Gas Vehicles for America site to learn more about NGVs.