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Tree Trimming


Tree trimming is a vital part to ensuring the reliability of Vectren's electric system. Vectren has permission to trim trees in the communities it serves through franchise and easement agreements. However, Vectren and its trimming contractors always make it a point to give proper notification to property owners about our tree trimming activities before the process begins.

Tree Line USA Utility

Tree Line USA Logo Since 2009, Vectren has annually received the Tree Line USA Utility designation by the National Arbor Day Foundation for its commitment to public education about the importance of trees and quality tree care.

Vectren is recognized for its tree-friendly efforts, including:
  • training tree trimming crews about proper tree pruning practices;
  • educating the public about appropriate tree species for planting near utility lines;
  • educating customers about energy efficient landscapes to reduce home cooling and heating;
  • sharing proper tree-pruning practices with customers; and
  • sponsoring community tree planting programs and/or participating in Arbor Day events.