What state is your account in?
What state is your account in?

Metering Enchancements

Important Enhancements to Vectren's Meter-Reading Process

Throughout the next six months, Vectren will begin implementing new meter reading processes by modifying the meter reading routes throughout Vectren’s service area. These changes will ensure the routes used to collect customer meter information ultimately improve the quality of the reads in the most efficient manner. In order to implement these improvements, it will be necessary to modify the schedules in which meters are read and bills are generated.

Most customers will see little to no change in the date their meters are read and bills are sent or due. However, there is a chance that a customer may see a change of five or more days, which could lead to a longer than normal billing period during the month of the adjustment. In the event your account falls in this category, you will receive a separate notification letter closer to the time the change will occur. However, please know that the billed days of service should return to a normal level, which is approximately 30 days, on the following month’s bill. As always, we have a number of free payment options should the billing amount be larger than expected.

We appreciate your patience during this transition and assure you the overall outcome will lead to more efficient meter readings and ideally fewer estimated reads due to the improved routes.