What state is your account in?
What state is your account in?

Choosing a Supplier

Step 1: Shop around and explore your options
Suppliers may advertise their programs various ways through the telephone, door-to-door, internet or even direct mail - telemarketing is the most popular. Of course, you can always call the supplier or visit their web site for more information.

Step 2: Review the offer
Remember that all suppliers are selling the same product: natural gas. However, the gas suppliers may package their offers in many different ways. In order to make the right selection, you should examine the offers closely.

Step 3: Compare the price
Your gas is billed by usage per hundred cubic feet (CCF). Customers with annual usage less than 20,000 CCF (residential and small commercial customers) should compare the cost per CCF of various suppliers and Vectren's gas cost charge (standard sales offer) listed on your bill. Additional charges apply to Choice customers with annual usage between 20,000 and 150,000 CCF, and suppliers can provide annual cost comparisons for customers in this usage range.

Each type of supplier offering provides options which must be considered...

Offers based on the price of gas
Fixed rate - A fixed charge for each hundred cubic feet (CCF) for the length of the contract, regardless of whether gas prices go up or down.

Variable rate - The charge for each CCF varies over the term of the contract. Make sure you're aware how often it changes and what triggers the change.

Other types of offers
Up front incentive - The supplier may offer cash or merchandise upon enrollment.

For further assistance, visit the "Apples to Apples" comparison of suppliers' offers from the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, the PUCO website or call 1-800-299-7271.

Step 4: Understand each supplier's contract terms
Which company bills you? How many bills will you receive? How long is the contract? How do you cancel? Is there a penalty if you cancel early? Make sure no question goes unasked before you agree to the contract.

Step 5: Compare the suppliers
Select a supplier whose contract terms, reputation, characteristics and performance record measure up to your standards. Remember that suppliers vary widely in size, service area, customer service, length of operation, etc.

Step 6: Research other sources for information
Additional information to help you choose wisely is available through the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio at 1-800-299-7271 or www.PUCO.ohio.gov. Make sure you're confident in your decision before initiating a contract with any supplier.

Step 7: Select a gas supplier
Once you feel secure with your decision, contact the supplier to inform them of your choice. Your enrollment options include:

  • Face-to-face
  • Telephone
  • Mail
  • Internet
  • Regardless of your sign-up method, you'll need your Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio account number to enroll.