What state is your account in?
What state is your account in?

Relocate or Resize Service/Meter

When adding on to an existing property or installing additional appliances, you may need your service line or meter relocated or resized to accommodate your new energy demand. Read all information on this page, then complete and submit the application. Please consult your professional electrical and/or plumbing contractor to ensure the information you include on the application is accurate and all required information has been provided.

Printable Applications
Select the printable application below based on the type(s) of residential service(s) and/or meter(s) you are relocating and/or resizing. See business applications

Indiana Residential Natural Gas Service Only (PDF)
Indiana Residential Electric Service Only (PDF)
Indiana Residential Electric & Natural Gas Service (PDF)
Ohio Residential Natural Gas Service (PDF)

Important Information

Preparing Your Site
Keep in mind, you will need the services of an electrician and/or plumber to prepare your property before Vectren can perform the relocation or resizing. These expenses are in addition to the cost to relocate or resize service and are the customer's responsibility.

Meter Location
Properly marking the location of your new meter is important to ensuring a smooth installation. This document will guide you through the process. See guidelines for locating your new meter (PDF)

Is An Inspection Required?
An inspection is also required in some areas. Click the applicable link for a list of cities and/or counties which require house line inspections before service can be reconnected. Required Inspection Locations (PDF)