What state is your account in?
What state is your account in?

About Summer Cycler

What is a Summer Cycler?
The Summer Cycler program is a voluntary energy management program that briefly cycles select appliances in your home during periods of peak electricity demand. By joining the Summer Cycler program, you can earn bill credits up to $28 per cooling season from June through September. If you are already enrolled in Summer Cycler in previous years, you do not need to re-enroll.

How do I earn the bill credits?
Vectren will provide a $5 credit for each electric air conditioning unit and a $2 credit for each electric water heater you enroll. These credits will appear on your bill from June through September.

Who can enroll in Summer Cycler?
The program is available to all its residential and commercial electric service customers. However, customers must enroll an air conditioning unit in the Summer Cycler program to be eligible to also enroll an electric water heater.

How can I discontinue Summer Cycler?
You can cancel Summer Cycler by logging in to your Vectren.com account. Billing and payment preferences can be altered within the Manage My Account section. Once you cancel Summer Cycler, you will no longer receive the bill credit(s).

How does Summer Cycler affect my electric appliance(s)?
Upon enrollment, Vectren will install a small, radio-controlled device on the appliance(s) at no charge. Then, during times of peak load and if needed, the device(s) will be activated to briefly cycle off these appliances to conserve energy. The device works just like a home thermostat, so there is no danger of damage to the appliance(s). The cycling off period typically only occurs for a few minutes at a time during several hours of a day on days of peak electric demand, which usually occurs between noon and 6 p.m.

Why does Vectren have the Summer Cycler program?
We are committed to using the latest technology to reduce energy consumption and keep costs down. By cycling off major electric appliances for short periods of time, we can trim peak power demand with little or no customer discomfort or inconvenience.