What state is your account in?
What state is your account in?

Business Rebates

Before purchasing new equipment, please ensure you meet all eligibility guidelines. See rebate application and the applicable terms and conditions for complete eligibility guidelines.

Equipment Rebates

Natural Gas Equipment
Gas Rebates Fact Sheet | Complete List of Gas Rebates

Electric Equipment
Electric Rebates Fact Sheet | Complete List of Electric Rebates
  • Heating & Cooling  Download Measure Selection Form
    Air Conditioners | VFDs | Heat Pumps | Chillers | Chiller Services
  • Lighting  Download Measure Selection Form
    T5s, T8s, T12s | Induction Lamps and Fixtures | CFLs | LEDs | Light Tubes | Occupancy Controls and Sensors | Delamping
  • Commercial Kitchen  Download Measure Selection Form
    Refrigerators and Freezers | Refrigerated Case Lighting | Electronically Commutated (EC) Motors | Anti-sweat Heater Controls | Refrigerated Case Covers | Ice Machines | Pre-Rinse Sprayers | Cooking Equipment | Commercial Dishwashers | Vending Machine Occupancy Sensors
  • Miscellaneous  Download Measure Selection Form
    Clothes Washers | Office Plug Load Controls | Air Nozzles | Air Compressors | Barrel Wrap Insulation | Pellet Dyer Duct Insulation

How to Apply for a Rebate

Step 1: Determine Eligibility Applicant Existing Facility: For equipment being installed/updated at an existing facility, the applicant must be a current Vectren natural gas and/or electric business customer.
  • For natural gas-saving project(s), applicant must be a natural gas customer on rate 120, 125, 220 or 225.
  • For electric-saving project(s), applicant must be non-residential electric customer.
  • Vectren customers who have elected to opt out of participating in Vectren's energy efficiency programs are not eligible.
New Construction: For equipment being installed at a new facility, the applicant must intend to receive natural gas and/or electricity from Vectren on an eligible rate for at least one year. See rebate application and the applicable terms and conditions for complete eligibility guidelines.

Equipment Equipment must be purchased and installed by December 31, 2017. Read all requirements carefully to ensure your product qualifies.

Application & Installation The application must be postmarked within 90 days of equipment installation.

Step 2: Complete Application & Attach Invoices Complete Application Unless noted otherwise, all fields must be completed on the application to receive a rebate.

Attach Applicable Measure Selection Forms and Data Sheets
  • Complete and attach the applicable Measure Selection Form(s) for each rebate.
  • Technical Data Sheets or manufacturer cut sheets are required for all installed equipment.
Attach Invoices Ensure that you have attached copies of all invoices to the application. Invoices should include: The equipment make, model and cost, the date of installation and the total number of units installed.

Step 3: Submit Paperwork Submit Application, Product Forms & Invoice(s) Submit your completed application, applicable Measure Selection Form(s), technical data sheets and a copy of your itemized invoice(s) within 90 calendar days of equipment installation. You may do so in one of three ways:
  • Email: Send application, product forms and invoices to indianabizprograms@vectren.com
  • Mail: Vectren Energy Efficiency, ATTN: Business Rebate Programs | P.O. Box 513, Evansville, IN 47703
  • Fax: (608) 829-2723
Allow up to six weeks to receive your rebate payment after final approval of application.