What state is your account in?
What state is your account in?

Custom Programs

Vectren offers business customers incentives for qualifying energy efficiency upgrades not covered under the prescriptive rebate program so your company can move forward with implementing energy-efficient equipment upgrades and additions. See program application and applicable terms and conditions for complete eligibility guidelines.

Call 1-866-240-8476 to verify your eligibility or request additional information.

Natural Gas Custom Projects

Incentives for natural gas energy efficiency custom projects are capped at $50,000. Qualifying projects may include domestic water heating systems, outside air control, insulation, duct sealing, grain dryers, demand control ventilation, pipe wrap, ozone laundries and window replacements.

All Vectren Energy Delivery of Indiana business customers with Vectren natural gas service served under rates 120, 125, 220 and 225 qualify. Learn more about natural gas custom incentives

How to Apply
Step 1: Pre-Installation:
First, complete and submit the Pre-Approval Application. Our engineers will review the completed application and contact you regarding any questions. (In some cases, a pre-inspection site visit may be necessary to verify the existing equipment condition.) Qualifying applicants will receive a Letter of Intent with the estimated incentive amount for their custom project after the engineering review.

Step 2: Installation:
After obtaining receiving the Letter of Intent from Vectren, you may purchase and begin installation of the approved effiency measures. Be sure to retain all invoices and documentation.

Step 3: Post-Installation:
After installation, complete and submit the Final Project Application, which will be provided to you. Our engineers will visit the site and perform the post-installation inspection. Once your project is approved, your incentive payment will be processed and delivered.

Electric Custom Projects

Incentives for electric energy efficiency custom projects are capped at 50% of project costs (including labor) or $100,000. All Vectren Energy Delivery of Indiana commercial/industrial customers with Vectren electric service qualify. Learn more about electric custom incentives

How to Apply
Once you have verified your eligibility, complete and submit the Electric Custom Project Application.