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Food Service & Refrigeration

Food Service Equipment

Install an insulated dishwasher. Replace a 10- to 20-year-old conventional dishwasher with an insulated model and save up to $500 annually. Insulated tanks reduce stand-by or idle energy consumption. A booster heater spends several hours per day consuming energy in a "ready-to-use" mode. Insulated tanks can better maintain an outgoing sanitizing water temperature at all times, thus, reducing stand-by energy consumption.

Purchase insulated cooking equipment whenever possible (e.g., fryers, ovens, coffee machines). Insulation retains more heat in the equipment.

Replace conventional gas fryers with infrared gas fryers or high-efficiency atmospheric gas fryers and save up to $400/fryer annually.

Replace old, high-volume kitchen sprayers with high-velocity, low-flow models, and save up to $1,000 a year in hot water costs.

Refrigeration Equipment

Check temperature settings of refrigerators. The most common recommended settings are between -14 degrees and -8 degrees Fahrenheit for freezers and between 35 degrees and 38 degrees Fahrenheit for refrigerators.

Do not leave the walk-in refrigerator door open when loading it. Install a plastic strip curtain over the entrance and save up to $20 per refrigerator each year.

Perform scheduled maintenance on refrigeration units. Keep evaporator coils clean and free of ice buildup.

Buy an ENERGY STAR commercial solid door refrigerator and freezer. Compared to standard models, ENERGY STAR refrigerators and freezers can lead to energy savings of as much as 46% with a 1.3 year payback. Purchasers can expect to save $140 annually per refrigerator and $100 per freezer.

Install energy-efficient case lighting. T8 fluorescent lamps and electronic ballasts reduce lighting energy use and reduce the cooling load on the compressor. Energy savings potential is 10% for beverage merchandisers.

Install evaporative condensers, instead of air-cooled condensers, to expel heat. Evaporative condensers use a wetted filter that increases the ability to reject heat. Energy savings range from 3 to 9% for grocery store refrigeration systems.

Install heat recovery systems to use heat removed from display cases to heat water. A 7.5 horsepower (hp) compressor can supply close to 100% of the hot water requirements in a medium-sized grocery store all year long.

Install lighting sensors in walk-in refrigerators. Install low temperature occupancy sensors or timed switches in walk-in coolers and freezers to control lighting. Not only does this save lighting energy, it reduces the load on the compressor. Save up to $250/year.

Install pull-down blinds on open dairy and produce cases. During non-operating hours, these blinds keep refrigerated air from escaping.

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