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Heating & Cooling

Control your thermostat setting. The temperature at which you set the thermostat will affect your energy savings. In the summer, raise your thermostat setting.

Utilize window blinds and shades. On sunny winter days open blinds, shades, and curtains, especially if your windows face south, to help keep you warm. At night, close the blinds, shades, and curtains to help keep heat inside. In the summer keep heat out by closing window shades and blinds. It's helpful to keep windows closed to prevent hot air from blowing inside.

Manage heating and cooling systems. Change the filters in your heating and cooling system regularly.

Consider low-cost improvement projects. If you live in an older rental that needs energy efficiency improvements, talk to your landlord. You might even weigh the benefits of taking on some low-cost projects yourself; a little investment could save a lot of energy. But before doing any work yourself, be sure to first get permission from your landlord.

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