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What state is your account in?

Appliance Recycling

Earn a $50 cash rebate when you let Vectren recycle your extra fridge or freezer for free. Appliance Recycling is available to residential customers with Vectren electric service only.

Get Started

Be sure to read the full list of requirements before scheduling your appointment. If your extra appliance qualifies, click below to get started.

Earn $50
Vectren will pay you $50 for each qualifying appliance you choose to recycle and will pick it up for free.

Cut energy costs
Recycling your extra fridge or freezer can save you up to $200 annually on energy costs. See even more savings when you recycle more than one extra appliance or an older appliance.

Live Smart
Nearly 100% of your extra refrigerator’s components are reused rather than going to the landfill. Plus, the toxins and ozone-destroying materials are disposed of safely. Learn more about disposal.