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Home Weatherization


Resources to weatherize your home

Vectren partners with a variety of organizations in Indiana and Ohio to provide special home weatherization programs to ensure qualifying homeowners are able to enjoy an energy-efficient and comfortable home year-round. Select a state below to view our current weatherization offerings:


State of Indiana


State of Ohio
  • Indiana customers seeking free home weatherization services should contact their local Community Action Agency or call 1-800-872-0371. To qualify for home weatherization assistance, your annual household income cannot exceed 200% of the poverty guidelines.

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    If your home is more than 5 years old and you meet income guidelines, you can receive an in-home energy assessment through Vectren's Neighborhood Weatherization Program.

    As part of the assessment, an energy efficiency advisor will perform a walkthrough to understand how your home and appliances use energy, and you may even receive energy-saving products on the spot! Upon completion of the assessment, the advisor will give you a personalized home energy report with an action plan for additional energy-saving efforts for your home.

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    Indiana income guidelines

    Indiana income guidelines
    Number in household Annual income (before tax)
    1 $36,180
    2 $48,720
    3 $61,260
    4 $73,800
    5 $86,340
    6 $98,880
    7 $111,420
    8 $123,960
    For family units with more than eight members, add $12,540 for each additional member.

    During the assessment, your Energy Advisor will:


    Analyze your home and equipment
    • Analyze your energy use by assessing the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system for operating efficiency
    • Conduct blower-door directed air sealing
    • Check for water leaks and electrical and gas hazards
    • The advisor will also inspect the insulation levels in the attic, which may result in the installation of insulation at a later date.
    Install low-cost, energy-saving measures
    • Replace traditional incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient LEDs
    • Add water pipe insulation
    • Install energy-efficient kitchen and bathroom sink aerators
    • Install energy-efficient showerhead(s)

Vectren Home Weatherization Program

Vectren has partnered with Miami Valley Community Action Partnership (MVCAP) to weatherize thousands of homes in the greater Dayton area through a program called Vectren Home Weatherization Program. To qualify for this home weatherization program, your annual household income cannot exceed 300% of the poverty guidelines (see chart at bottom).

Vectren Home Weatherization Program helps qualifying customers implement energy efficiency improvements to their homes at NO COST to the customers. The improvements, such as upgrading insulation or installing a new natural gas furnace, are made by a team of energy efficiency professionals from the Miami Valley Community Action Partnership. The result of a Vectren Home Weatherization Program energy overhaul is a home that's more comfortable, safe and energy efficient, which should lead to lower energy consumption and lower energy bills.

Qualifying for the Vectren Home Weatherization Program

  • Be a Vectren customer
  • Meet income requirements (see chart at bottom)
  • Be available for in-home inspection and installation appointments


The weatherization process is easy:

1. Call & schedule

Call 1-800-617-2673 to see if you qualify. If you're eligible, we'll work with you to schedule an in-home energy audit.*

2. Analyze

The Vectren Home Weatherization Program crew will come to your house, perform an energy audit and look for things that can be improved to make your home more energy efficient.

3. Weatherize

The Vectren Home Weatherization Program professionals will then implement the necessary energy-efficiency improvements to your home at no cost.

Vectren Ohio Home Weatherization Qualifications

Vectren Ohio Home Weatherization Qualifications
Number in household Annual income (before tax)
1 $37,470
2 $50,730
3 $63,990
4 $77,250
5 $90,510
6 $103,770
7 $117,030
8 $130,290
For family units with more than eight members, add $4,320 for each additional member.

Request a special payment plan.

We offer a variety of payment plans to help you manage energy bills, including pay-by-installment arrangements and due date extensions.

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