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Vectren Corporation is an energy holding company headquartered in Evansville, Ind. Vectren's wholly owned subsidiary, Vectren Utility Holdings, Inc., serves as the intermediate holding company for three operating utilities: Vectren Energy Delivery of Indiana - North (Vectren North), Vectren Energy Delivery of Indiana - South (Vectren South) and Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio (VEDO).
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Vectren's regulated subsidiaries deliver gas and/or electricity to more than one million customers in adjoining service territories that cover two-thirds of Indiana and west central Ohio. Vectren is also a low-cost provider of wholesale electricity to other utilities and power marketers in the Midwest.

Vectren North provides energy delivery services to 580,000 natural gas customers located in central and southern Indiana. Vectren South provides energy delivery services to 144,000 electric customers and 111,000 gas customers located in southwestern Indiana. Vectren South also owns and operates electric generation to serve its electric customers and optimizes those assets in the wholesale power market. VEDO provides energy delivery services to approximately 314,000 natural gas customers located in west central Ohio.

Vectren's electric customers are served by a mixed portfolio of 1,000 megawatts (MW) of coal-fired generation and up to 245 MW of gas-fired generation, along with 3 MW from a landfill gas to electric project and 80 MW of wind power. Also, purchases from the Ohio Valley Electric Corporation (OVEC) of up to 32 MW and additional load from the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) power pool occasionally supplement Vectren load requirements. Furthermore, interruptible load and demand side management initiatives can yield more than 60 MW of energy savings to meet peak demand if needed.

Vectren's Nonutility Group is involved in Infrastructure Services and Energy Services. Infrastructure Services provides underground construction, repair and replacement services (Miller Pipeline, LLC and Minnesota Limited, LLC). Energy Services provides energy performance contracting services and renewable energy project development (Energy Systems Group).

Miller Pipeline, LLC

A wholly owned subsidiary of Vectren, Miller Pipeline is one of the nation's premier contractors, providing a comprehensive range of pipeline contracting and rehabilitation services for gas, water and sewer pipelines as well as specialty products and services for the industrial and telecommunications industries.

Minnesota Limited, LLC

A wholly owned subsidiary of Vectren, Minnesota Limited is a specialty contractor focusing on transmission pipeline construction and maintenance; pump station, compressor station, terminal and refinery construction; gas distribution; and hydrostatic testing.

Energy Systems Group (ESG)

A wholly owned Vectren subsidiary, ESG is an award-winning energy services company that specializes in delivering sustainable energy solutions which allow building owners to maximize their energy efficiency and operational performance, while reducing their carbon footprint. Through its core business of performance contracting, ESG provides customers with innovative energy efficiency, technology, and long-term financing solutions for modernization of their facilities and energy infrastructure.

Other investments

Vectren Financial Group
Invests in structured finance and investment transactions including real estate and leveraged leases and affordable housing projects that qualify for federal income tax credits. Subsidiaries include Southern Indiana Properties, Inc. and Energy Realty Inc.

Vectren Ventures
Haddington Energy Partners Investment in and operation of midstream energy projects. Vectren's ownership interest is 13 percent.

Other investments include Cambridge Capital Partners and Gazelle TechVentures.


With a focus on the need to conserve natural resources, we provide energy and related solutions that make our customers productive, comfortable and secure.


  • We will deliver an exceptional customer experience.
  • We will achieve industry-leading safety performance.
  • We will commit to a culture of continuous improvement.
  • We will deliver superior investor returns.


  • Customer: We know success comes from understanding our customers and delivering value in our services.
  • Colleagues: We value talent, innovation, diversity and superior performance. We will achieve our goals through teamwork and conduct our business with integrity.
  • Community: We will contribute to the social, economic and environmental sustainability of our communities.
  • Capital: We will deliver financial performance that attracts investors.

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