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2017 Vectren Community Impact

Using everyday opportunities to achieve extraordinary outcomes

With $5 million in grants and sponsorships to 400+ organizations, here's how we impacted our communities in 2017.

Community Development
$3,940,000 invested in communities across Indiana and Ohio

In addition to economic development and neighborhood restoration efforts impacting nearly 1,900 families and 700+ homes, we supported workforce training for about 14,500 individuals and provided 35,000 with necessary services. Employees contributed $643,000 to more than 40 United Ways, United Funds and Campaign for the Arts organizations.

Environment and Energy
$323,500 invested in conservation programs and projects

These grants improve and preserve our environment, providing for the removal and recycling of 79,200 lbs. of trash, and planting of 255 trees. They also promote energy efficiency, seeing an average reduction of energy use of 22% through these.

$1,350,000 invested in programs to prepare the next generation workforce

By supporting effective Pre K-12 programs and professional development for educators, we reached roughly 209,000 students and over 2,800 teachers. We saw an average 38% increase in test scores through these grants and an average 72% increase in social & emotional development.

Disaster Assistance
$205,000 invested in temporary assistance and disaster relief funds

Supported disaster relief efforts for Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. Vectren employees pledged and prompted matches totaling over $55,000 as part of the effort.

Team Vectren
56,300 volunteer hours invested by over 1,500 employees

Team Vectren shares in the commitment to community by volunteering time, talent and treasure. Our team drove $93,000 in matching gifts to local nonprofits, colleges and universities, and serve on 195 nonprofit boards.

Common questions

No, there is neither a deadline for application nor a funding cycle. We accept applications year-round.

If your agency is located outside of our service territory, but serves residents within our service territory, you are eligible for funding. However, these grants are primarily restricted to serve those clients within our service territory.

No. As a private foundation, we are restricted to only making awards to 501(c)(3) organizations. You can learn more about the IRS code for charitable organizations on the IRS website.

We make every attempt to complete the review process and issue notification within 45 days. How long must I wait to submit another application? There is no restriction on the number of applications an organization can make in a year, but since we are a smaller foundation, it is unlikely multiple grants will be awarded to the same organization in the same year.

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  • Amanda Schmitt
    Manager, Community Affairs
    P.O. Box 209, Evansville, IN 47702

  • Rachel Goodspeed
    Manager, Community Affairs
    120 West Second Street, Suite 820, Dayton, OH 45402

  • Media Inquiries
    For all media queries, please contact Natalie Hedde, Director of Corporate Communications.

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