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About the Foundation


Who we are

The Vectren Foundation strives to become a community catalyst in our communities - leveraging everyday opportunities to achieve extraordinary outcomes. The Foundation provides funding for nearly 400 nonprofit organizations throughout its service territory. Through Vectren's support, our local communities are able to support home weatherization and energy education programs that help struggling families reduce utility costs, help children gain access to quality education programs, and give adults workforce training that will give them access to jobs with a fair living wage.

Vectren employees share in the commitment to community by volunteering their time, talents and treasure. Whether it is by serving on a nonprofit board, choosing to contribute personal funding to a local charity or spending their time volunteering at a local agency, Vectren employees are community-minded and highly engaged contributing nearly 38,000 hours annually.

The Vectren Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization funded by Vectren shareholders and governed by a board of directors.

Investment priorities

Development at Vectren



We believe a skilled and educated workforce is vital to the sustainability and economic growth of our communities, and it begins with our youngest residents. We support effective education initiatives at institutions ranging from early education programs to colleges and universities that measurably advance grade-level readiness, graduation rates and workforce development.

Diversity at Vectren


Community development

We believe strong communities are essential to personal, economic and social growth. We support programs and initiatives that measurably advance economic development, restore and maintain our neighborhoods, and revitalize the economic core of a community.

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Conservation & environment

We believe everyone can play a part in the preservation of natural resources and energy conservation. We support programs and projects that measurably drive long-term conservation behaviors, preserve or restore natural resources, and increase access to natural resource areas.

Program-Related Investments (PRIs)

The Vectren Foundation offers opportunities for both nonprofit and for-profit organizations to qualify for Program-Related Investments (PRIs). These inexpensive capital investments support programs and initiatives addressing social and environmental challenges. Unlike grants, PRIs are expected to be repaid.


Contact our team

  • Amanda Schmitt
    Manager, Community Affairs
    P.O. Box 209, Evansville, IN 47702

  • Media Inquiries
    For all media queries, please contact Natalie Hedde, Director of Corporate Communications.

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