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Planning & Reporting

Find reporting related to operations, strategies and transparency initiatives.

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CCR Compliance

EPA reporting related to electric power generation.


Integrated Resource Plan (IRP)

A long-term outlook released every three years.



Find sustainability and transparency reporting.


Company reports

For additional reports, including financial filings and documents, visit the Investors section.


Corporate Responsibility Report

The Corporate Responsibility Report providees a look at key projects impacting stakeholders and contains detailed transparency information.


Annual Report

This report details the company's progress during the previous year and provides an over-arching outlook for the future.


Sustainability at Vectren

Learn about sustainability projects and objectives, download reports and more.


Political contributions

Public policy decisions can affect businesses, and at Vectren we believe engaging in the political process is in the best interest of our company, our employees and our stakeholders. We track proposed legislation at the federal, state and local level and advocate our positions when appropriate. We strive to educate public officials about our businesses and the impacts of potential policy decisions and also participate in industry trade associations to assist in developing industry-wide positions, including memberships in the Edison Electric Institute (EEI), American Gas Association (AGA), Indiana Energy Association (IEA) and Ohio Gas Association (OGA).

The Vectren Corporation Federal Employees' Political Action Committee (Vectren PAC) provides our employees a voice in the political process. The Vectren PAC is a voluntary employee political action committee and, through the Vectren PAC, we make bipartisan political contributions where permitted by law. We comply with all Federal Election Commission and state regulations, and PAC contributions are publicly disclosed in our filings with state and federal election commissions and agencies. In recognition of various stakeholder interests, all PAC activities are overseen by the PAC Board.

We voluntarily prohibit corporate dollars from being used to directly benefit a candidate or party. We also do not make independent expenditures, as authorized by the Citizens United decision, and do not have any plans to do so at this time.

As part of our commitment to contemporary governance practices, we regularly report our corporate political activities to the Board's Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Committee.

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