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New Construction Rebates


Rebates for commercial & residential projects

Construction plans

Commercial new construction

Commercial new construction incentives are available to projects which will utilize Vectren electric service.

Through our commercial program, we provide Energy Design Assistance (EDA) services and financial incentives to support architects, engineers, and building owners who optimize energy savings to reduce operating costs in new construction projects that go beyond Indiana energy code. The program employs an energy efficiency strategy that fosters a partnership with the project's design team starting during the conceptual design phase. To learn more or find the right incentive approach for your project, contact us at


About commercial new construction

Who is eligible?

Any commercial/industrial building that will have future electric service through Vectren Energy Delivery of Indiana will typically qualify.

What is covered?

Rebates are available on systems and equipment that operate more efficiently than code requirements. Eligible participants may also receive energy design assistance, energy modeling and additional rebates if participation occurs during design phase.

Why participate?

Apart from rebates, you will be provided an energy assessment report that will detail opportunities, costs, energy savings, incentives and simple payback periods.

Residential new construction

Builders and contractors can earn cash rebates by constructing new, energy-efficient homes which achieve a certain Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index Score, which is a rating of energy efficiency. View the program fact sheet (PDF) to learn more.

Please review all program requirements (PDF) before applying for rebates.

View application

Project completed in 2017?
If your project received HERS certification in 2017, download the 2017 project application (PDF).

How do I get started with residential rebates?

Follow these three basic steps to ensure you and your project qualify for residential new construction rebates.

    Ensure your plans qualify
    Before construction, make sure you are eligible to participate and your building plans qualify for a rebate.
    Get certified
    After construction is complete, contact your local RESNET certified HERS rater to have your home rated and certified.
    Apply for a rebate
    When you receive your certification, complete and submit the rebate application along with a copy of your HERS certificate within 90 calendar days.

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