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Rebates & Incentives



Rebates for Indiana homes

Select a rebate category below to view qualifying equipment and more or view the program fact sheet (PDF).

Rebates - AC unit

Heating & cooling equipment

Natural gas furnaces & boilers
Electric air conditioners
Heat pumps

Rebates - Insulation


Wall insulation
Attic insulation
Duct Sealing

Rebates - Thermostat


"Smart" thermostats
Wi-Fi enabled thermostats

Rebates - Water heater

Water heating & pool equipment

Heat pump water heaters
Pool heaters
Pool pumps

Energy efficient new construction

Homes with Vectren gas and electric service
Homes with Vectren natural gas service only
Homes with Vectren electric service only

How do I know if I qualify for rebates?

Although there are a few qualifications that all of our rebates require, it is important to read the specific eligibility guidelines of any rebate you are looking to redeem.

  • You need to be a homeowner with Vectren residential service
    Most rebates featured on this page require you to be a homeowner with Vectren residential service.
  • Some rebates depend on the type of service you have
    Some rebates require Vectren natural gas service, while others require Vectren electric service.
  • Always ensure you are eligible for a rebate before making a purchase
    There are a variety of elgiibility guidelines specific to each rebate—be sure to read all conditions thoroughly prior to making any purchases.
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