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Earn $50 per recycled appliance

Important! You must have Vectren electric service to participate in this program.

Receive $50 and save up to $200 a year for letting us pick up and recycle your old, working fridge or freezer. Doing so can save you up to $200 annually on energy costs. See even more savings when you recycle more than one extra appliance or an older appliance. You may recycle up to two appliances per year.

Receive an additional $25 for letting us pick up and recycle your window A/C unit**.

**Window A/C pickup must be in conjunction with a scheduled fridge/freezer pickup.

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How is your refrigerator recycled?



Participant must be a current Vectren Energy Delivery of Indiana electric residential customer. Participant must own the eligible unit or have written permission from the owner to participate. The appliance must be in working condition.

Pick-up requirements
Refrigerators and freezers must be cleaned, emptied and plugged-in at time of pick-up. An adult (18 years of age or older) must be present at time of pick-up. Clear and safe access to eligible appliances must be provided at time of pick-up. The removal team will not risk injury or be able to move personal items or modify your home to remove the units.

Appliance qualifications
Participants may recycle two eligible refrigerators or freezers per household per year. Secondary or primary units are eligible. Older or less efficient appliances are preferred. Refrigerators and freezers must meet the size requirement (10 cubic ft. - 30 cubic ft.). Appliances must be electric and not gas.

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