What state is your account in?
What state is your account in?
New Utility Customers
Welcome to Vectren.com, the home site for new and current Vectren Energy Delivery customers. This section of Vectren.com will help you, our newest customer, complete a new service order and provide quick links to online features for Vectren Energy Delivery registered customers.

Order new service
Need to turn on utility service at your home or business? Vectren.com allows you to complete your order online. All you need is your new address and phone number.Not sure you’re in the Vectren Energy Delivery service territory? Vectren.com will know once you’ve entered your zip code.

Create an online account
After you’ve ordered your service and established a Vectren Energy Delivery account, you’re ready to create an online account. All you need is an e-mail address and a personal password, and you’ll have unrestricted, 24-hour access to your account information.

Why register with Vectren.com? A registered customer has instant access to prior bill information and charts. More importantly, online transactions are much faster if you’ve already created an online account.

Choose a billing or payment option
Vectren offers several free billing and payment options to meet the needs of its one million customers.

    Auto Pay - Have your bill automatically deducted from your checking account every month on its due date.

    Vectren E-bill - For the customer with an e-mail address, with Vectren E-bill you will receive an e-mail from Vectren Energy Delivery each month notifying you that your e-bill is ready to be viewed online at Vectren.com.

    Budget Bill - Spread your energy payments evenly over 12 months and never worry about fluctuating bills.

    Third Party Billing - Help family members keep track of their bills by receiving a copy of their bills on their behalf.

    Summer Cycler Program - a voluntary energy management program that briefly cycles off select appliances in your home during periods of peak electricity demand. By joining the Summer Cycler program, you can earn bill credits up to $5.00 per appliance each month from June through September. This program only available for Vectren Energy Deliver of Indiana - South customers using Vectren electric service.

Vectren uses secure servers to protect the personal information that you enter on this site. Please review our Privacy and Security Policy to review the measures that we have taken to create a secure online environment.