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Weatherhead & Meter Damage

During an outage, it’s important to know what equipment is Vectren’s responsibility to repair and what equipment repair lies in the hands of the home or business owner. Transfer of responsibility happens at the point whereby the service line, the line that runs from the pole to the premise, attaches to the home.

This device is called the weatherhead – it’s simply a conduit that attaches to your home and allows the line to run down the side of your home and feed into the meter box. If this device and/or the meter box has been damaged or ripped from your home, it is your responsibility to contact an electrician to repair. This is not something you want to try and fix yourself.

If the meter box is pulled away from the house and you have power, you should call an electrician to reattach the meter box. Keep in mind: an electrical inspection may be required.

If you find yourself without power, go outside and inspect the weatherhead. Keep in mind to stay away from downed power lines. If it’s damaged, call Vectren to report your outage and then call an electrician to get the weatherhead repaired and/or the meter box reattached. The electrician can start the repairs without the help of Vectren. 

Then, once Vectren crews arrive on scene to restore service, they can restore power to your home quickly given the weatherhead issue has already been resolved.