About Share the Warmth

Vectren Energy Delivery (Vectren) established Share the Warmth Inc., a private charity, to assist income-eligible Indiana and Ohio customers with their heating needs. Each year, Vectren matches all public donations, up to an annual total of $200,000. Donations may be tax-deductible. Please contact your tax advisor or go to www.irs.gov.

How We Help

Share the Warmth funds are distributed annually to the Indiana and Ohio Low Income Weatherization Assistance Programs. This weatherization initiative is designed to offer comprehensive long-term energy conservation benefits to single family homeowners that meet the state and federal guidelines for low-income families who reside in Vectren's service territory.

This past year, Indiana has seen an increase in the number of less fortunate households; families continue to struggle with their utility bills. While the national economic conditions may be modestly improving, the impact of the recession is long lasting. Federal and state financial assistance programs will not be enough to help those families who are in need. By contributing to Share the Warmth, Inc., you will be improving the energy efficiency of homes which helps solve the problem of excessive energy use. More importantly, your donation* will have twice the impact as Vectren will match your contribution dollar for dollar up to $200,000.

Through your generous donation* Share the Warmth, Inc. can help weatherize the homes of less fortunate families throughout our communities. Weatherization efforts ultimately reduce household energy usage and lead to lower utility bills. With your assistance, Share the Warmth will help these families use energy more efficiently.

The goal is to make homes safe, comfortable and energy efficient while saving the home owner money. Weatherization services vary with each home, depending on home construction and condition. A trained energy auditor visits the home to determine the energy improvements needed to make the home more energy efficient and utility bills more affordable. A crew of trained specialists then makes the needed improvements. Weatherization efforts ultimately reduce household energy use and lead to lower utility bills.

Common Weatherization Measures:

  • Insulating walls and attics
  • Repairing and replacing outdated furnaces
  • Weather stripping doors
  • Caulking and replacing windows
  • Insulating water heaters, pipes and hot air ducts
Recipients of Share the Warmth Inc. dollars must be at or below 200% of federal poverty guidelines and can apply by visiting their local Community Action Agency.

* Donations may be tax-deductible. Consult your tax advisor or visit www.irs.gov.