Electric System

Learn about our electric system and planned improvements.

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Vectren's Electric System

Learn about our system and how it works.

Tree Trimming & Planting

Find tree trimming schedules and planting tips.

Grid Modernization

Learn about our future system and planned upgrades


Electric system basics

Turning on a lightswitch in your home is the final step in a long process that involves Vectren's entire electric system.


Power is generated at a power plant using fuels like coal or natural gas, or via other sources like solar panels.


The generated power moves to our transmission system, which stores and converts the power for use.


Finally, our distribution system of electric lines and poles distributes the power to homes and businesses.


Safety around electricity

Find safety information, procedures and tips to stay safe around electric system equipment and facilities.

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CCR Reporting

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Integrated Resource Plan (IRP)

The Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) is a 20-year forecast that outlines how we will serve customers in a reliable and economic manner


Find documents and information related to electric rates and tariffs.

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